Jonida Xhema, Marketing Executive

Hi! My name is Jonida and I am from the beautiful country of Kosovo, where we have epic mountains and the people are very friendly. I met Robert Sweetman online and found his mission to be heartfelt and worthwhile. I think his passion for helping people with sleep problems is very impressive. I joined Exist Tribe as an executive assistant and have now taken over Marketing. Since joining the team, my sleep has improved, I feel more refreshed, and I have an amazing outlook on life.

My passions revolve around Digital Marketing and Data Visualization. I have always wanted to work with Business Analytics as using data is the correct way to make logical decisions. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Sales and a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During my studies I encountered a desire for the academic world, and after graduation I worked as a tutor in classes with financial data within the University. During this time I published two scientific papers within the field of Marketing and Sales, with focus on customer loyalty.

After one year of work at the University, I was advanced into a managerial position. There I worked for another three years as the main coordinator of all Faculties within the University. My focus during this time was on management performance, with a focus on established KPIs. I consistently used data to strengthen the decision-making process through quantitative analytics. The position was very demanding and as a proactive person, I became intimately involved. This wasn’t healthy, however, as after a period of time, I found myself doing more than my fair share of the work in the office.

I’m an energetic and motivated person; I always run after opportunities. Sometimes, I can be 'pushy' and I constantly push myself to cross the limits. Sometimes I wonder if it’s excessive, yet the next day I continue with proactivity again. It is this internal drive that has pushed me to accept the opportunity with Exist Tribe and leave my academic work behind.

Exist Tribe has made me realize that every business should have a social impact. My research on various sleep quality topics has pushed me to undertake activities that have made a significant impact on my health. Now, every evening, I write 3 things about which I was grateful for during the day, I spend 10 minutes a day meditating and I improved the way I eat. I realized that the most important thing in life is health, and I am very happy to have realized this fact very early on - thanks to Exist Tribe.

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